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Our History

Over the course of our journey over the last 11 years, we have witnessed significant changes in the software development landscape. We have strived to be at the forefront of these changes over the last decade and are now well positioned as a major player in the region.

One of the key changes of significance today is the shift to the Android OS for a lot of businesses when it comes to their mobile device strategy. Coupled with that is the need for businesses to look into wearables and voice technologies and AI with guided workforce type of solutions being the name of the game. This is not just with the intent of bringing in efficiency but also to cater to ease of staffing and to enable businesses to cope with faster order fulfillment.

About d.code

d.code is a leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions and device independent and OS agnostic applications for quick build and deploy. Established in 2009 and headquartered in Dubai, we have successfully enabled mobility solutions and digital transformation for our clients in over 15 countries.

Our team brings together a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry and have been one of the earliest movers in this space in the Middle East, helping us cement a leadership position in the market.
Together with our proprietary platform, we partner with leading software and infrastructure vendors across the globe to bring the best of futuristic technology to our clients in the region.

Our goal is to enable our clients deploy best in class mobility solutions to accelerate growth, ‘be digital’ and drive operational efficiency.


Deliver unparalleled value to our clients by providing our customers with modern mobility solutions.

Core Values

  1. Honesty / Integrity
  2. Teamwork
  3. Growth
  4. Commitment