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The Software as a Service (SAAS) model continues to gain traction across all corners of the business world, and for good reason. Also known as on-demand software, hosted software or web-based software, SAAS eschews traditional software installation, maintenance and management approaches in favor of delivering cloud-based applications via the internet. With SAAS, service provider partners shoulder the burdens of security, availability and performance and we have all this covered for our customers and ready to demonstrate.


mpro5 is a leading, highly configurable field service management software platform on subscription, proven to drive efficiency, agility and performance for businesses. It is an enterprise class mobile business solution available on iOS, Android & Windows devices. It’s #notjustanapp but a mobility platform.

dcode mobile platform

d.code solutions is determined to help businesses implement an effective enterprise mobility solution that allows for taking advantage of connectivity and accessibility.


RFKeeper is a leading software provider at the cutting edge of digital transformation helping retailers to become truly omni-channel providers.


Anyline is a leader in mobile data capture, which enables you to scan numbers, short texts and barcodes within your application or webpage. It can be easily integrated for use on all mobile platforms.