Anyline - Mobile Data Capture For Your Mobile App

Anyline makes data capture simple.

Every company aiming to drive their digital transformation forward faces the same question: how can you bridge the gap between analog and digital data?

With Anyline integrated into your process, your company can instantly read and process text and barcodes with any mobile device or embedded camera.

By simply integrating the Anyline SDK into your app or website, you can overcome the digital divide that’s holding your back.

Anyline can be used to Scan the following while using the mobile device camera:

  • Documents
  • Drivers Licenses
  • ID Cards
  • License Plates
  • PDF417
  • Serial Numbers
  • Tyre Identification Numbers
  • VIN’s


We have also had instances where a few global players in the market have deployed our solution in a controlled environment in one of their facilities and have recommended us to their other regional facilities.

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