d.mobile framework for Application Development

d.code solutions is determined to help businesses implement an effective enterprise mobility solution that allows for taking advantage of connectivity and accessibility. We build a multi-platform strategy that addresses company's pain points, using a pool of both native and hybrid mobile developers and UI designers. Our all-round experience with most popular mobile platforms, extensive expertise, and unique talent in the AIDC Space allow us to take your mobility vision to fruition.

Mobility has been accepted as the most disruptive technological innovation faced by enterprises today. Mobile devices have evolved from providing enterprise email and data on the move to introducing applications and services that have the potential to change the way companies do business.

d.code solutions has its own MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) called “d.mobile”. The d.mobile platform gives customers a web based interface and mobile application to run their business. The d.mobile application optimizes workflow by leveraging existing infrastructure and integrates quite easily to any ERP back-end system. The d.mobile applications delivers exceptional user experiences across phones, tablets, desktops and other devices.

d.mobile’s industry specific solutions provide deep and specific functionality needed for today’s mobile workforce. Consequently, these solutions empower industries with applications ranging from field sales, field service, field maintenance, repair, logistics, and transportation.

Architecture for d.Mobile Studio

The mobile application server is the heart of the entire solution. This component is truly multi-layered and n-tiered with a built-in scalability for enterprise installations.

The mobile application server hosts the following layers:

  • Database Layer –governs persistence for the entire solution (mobile client and application server)
  • Foundation Layer –hosts a core set of business objects which control the behavior of the solution
  • Common Integration Layer –manages integration towards both consumers and suppliers
  • Application Layer –hosts central business logic for the solution
  • UI Abstraction Layer –governs application look and feel
  • UI Layer –governs interaction with the end-user (only provider side)

d.mobile framework for Application Development

The d.mobile Integration framework provides an infrastructure for the interaction between different ERP’s namely SAP, Oracle EBS, JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and other homegrown applications which require a mobile interface. This is achieved by using the standard API’s or Web services. The can be on premise or cloud hosted.

This integration framework provides data mapping and transformation infrastructure for connecting to the client / consuming applications involved. This makes the communication between consumer (Client) and the host system seamless. The API Layer also supports creation of custom Interface with RDBMS objects in SQL/Oracle. This enables custom integration object creation. To consume these API’s basic knowledge of Json/Odata is sufficient.

The API layer supports standard authentication like user name / password authentication, Active Directory Authentication or LDAP authentication.

Further communication between the client and the Integration Framework supports SSL for higher levels of security. Sensitive and critical Information like user credentials if required to be stored are encrypted. All configuration information can be protected by Encrypting with 256 Bit standard encryption.

The credentials required to work in offline mode are stored on the device in an encrypted manner for further security. If no offline sign in is required these credentials are never stored on the device for added security.


We have also had instances where a few global players in the market have deployed our solution in a controlled environment in one of their facilities and have recommended us to their other regional facilities.

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