Cyber Security


To create a safer connected technology process. Our experts help in securing the internal resources and flow of information to transact.

Our experts secure information assets focusing on cyber security improving the best practices, quality and safety of our clients’ systems.

Transparency and support from our team of experts is our commitment to ensure a safe connected world. We go above and beyond to stay ahead of emerging security threats, and assist in detecting and interpreting security events and threats beforehand.


  • Secure internal applications and networks
  • Augment the security teams with expert staff
  • Manage Clients security function
  • Uplift capability by training and educating their staff
  • Help clients stay compliant
  • Protect the most valuable assets
  • Offer a seamless experience for the users

d.code offers Cyber Security Services listed below

  • Incident Response
  • SIEM & Log Management
  • APT & Network Visibility
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Firewall Management
  • IDS/IPS Management
  • VPN Management
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Managed Web Gateways
  • Managed Mail Gateways
  • URL & Content Filtering
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • PCI Consulting
  • ISO27001 Compliance
  • IT Security Reviews
  • Technical Security Assessments
  • Data Privacy
  • Policy Development
  • Networks
  • External Pentesting
  • Internal Pentesting
  • Mobile Device Pentesting
  • Wireless Pentesting
  • Applications
  • Mobile App Pentesting
  • Web App Pentesting
  • Web Service & API Pentesting
  • Phishing Pentesting
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • PCI Assessment Suite
  • Phishing Awareness Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Application Security Training
  • PCI DSS Essentials
  • Secure Development Training
  • Application Security Hackathons


We will work with you to fully configure your mpro5 app to your processes and requirements: from setting up individual workflows, to scoping your dynamic bespoke dashboards, to identifying automation and efficiency opportunities together.

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